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The new 2016 T-shirts are here!

Here's the story of the Sierra Net's exclusively designed "Die for the Fly" logo:

My co-worker from back in my corporate life, Jeff, often fishes musky up in Northern Minnesota.  I, on the other hand, fish quite often for small-stream local trout which are small but feisty.   He scoffed many a-time at the one-handed photos I'd send him of my quarry on dry flies.  Over time, he began heckling me with a one-handed gesture as if he were holding a smallish trout at about his thigh.  This went on for years, even after I left the company.  Finally, the joke went from funny to serious, as Jeff and I are both artists.  We collaborated on this skeletal design of a hand holding a trout taken, of course, on a dry fly.

To buy your Sierra Net's "Die for the Fly" T-shirt for $18.00each with free USPS Priority Mail shipping, please contact us with your shirt size.  We'll email you an invoice which has a secure link from which you can simply pay by e-check.   We also accept check, money order & PayPal.  We'll then ship your shirt within 24 hours.

2016 Back

2016 Front

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