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Die for the Fly

Die for the Fly was a commission by one of my youngest clients ever. Adam wanted something that looked a bit loud, and "sick", yet refined. This net is created from a stately stabilized Spalted Burl Maple on the handle. The hoop woods are made of strong Wenge. Copper accents adorn this net-Used in the inlays and the lanyard ferrule. The small burl clusters you see are interspersed with black spalt lines, caused by a fungus which attacked the wood before it was dried and vacuum stabilized. The red and black Net Safety Lanyard was custom made in the red/black paracord you see. Adam also requested our "Die for the Fly" logo screen-printed on the custom brown duckcloth net case itself. This ties in to the "Die for the Fly" logo laser engraved onto the butt of the handle on both sides.

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