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This is a special net with a story. I met Dave Egdorf while waiting for a flight out of the Dillingham, Alaska airport. We were the only two patrons in the place at the time. In a friendly voice he asked me how was the fishing after seeing my fly rods. A great conversation ensued and Dave, a guide and outfitter in Alaska and Montana, commissioned the net right then and therefore is beloved daughter, Camille who is also a guide. It was obvious how much Camille meant to Dave, and I knew I had an impossibly high standard to live up to. I tried my best to show Camille how much Dave loves her and this is what I came up with. The handle is a wonderful example of Birds Eye Maple. The handle is laminated to super strong Wenge to put up with the abuse a guide will punish it with. I inlaid a decorative ebony fleur-de-lis on both sides of the net handle. Dave also wanted to inlay her favorite fly, a sculpin pattern, and her email and copper in Kingman turquoise.

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