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It's been a real pleaure working with Luc on this net. He visited me a week or two ago and we ironed out some issues with how to mount the Measure Net. At first, I mounted the measure net as it is intended, where the Measure Net was mounted so that it covered the hoop. After conferring with Luc, we figured out a nice way to mount it so that it looks like it was intended to be mounted this way all along. The measure net looks great and will look even better once the bottom half of the zipper, and accompanying tag, is removed by taking out the machine stitching that holds it on. The net handle is extremely refractive curly Claro Walnut that changes stripes as you move the net. You almost have to see it to believe it. While shifting your viewing angle of the net, certain dark stripes disappear as others reappear-Natures magic trick. The same thing goes for the Curly Maple strips which make up the hoop along with Black Walnut. The inlaid hand-carved Royal Wulff is aluminum, as is Luc's Signature at the butt of the handle. The new Leather Magnetic Net Release is something I have been working on for over 6 months and is finally made it to production. I am very happy with the design at this point. The wooden portion, which attached to Luc's vest, is made of figured Claro Walnut to match the net -handle. The Net Safety Lanyard is hand-made using paracord to painstakingly cover a curly-cue plastic lanyard. The hardware is stainless steel and aluminum.

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