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Secluded Waters

Secluded Waters is a special net I created for a professional guide out of Montana. The shimmering handle is rare salvaged Genuine Mahogany. It was a door jamb at one time but I recognized the beauty in it and pulled it from the scrap pile. It is laminated to super strong Wenge. The inlay near the butt of the handle is a stupendous example of Elm Burl bordered by Wenge. Inlaid into that is the clients logo "Secluded Waters" in brass. The hoop is Bubinga inside & out, and has Wenge and salvaged mahogany strips on the inside. Measured from the top of the hoop down to the bottom of the hoop, you have 20 inches. Then there are three inlaid brass dots down the handle denoting 22, 24, and 26 inches. As you can see on the clients first outing, he used this feature to measure out this 24 inch pig! The final customization on this net is a brass butt plate custom made to accommodate this guide's habit of resting his arms on the hoop with the butt in the dirt.

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