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Your new Sierra Nets custom fly fishing net is hand finished with at least 9 coats of a proprietary oil, turpentine, spar varnish and carnauba wax finish. Then it was hand buffed to a beautiful soft sheen that begs to be touched, but repels water extremely well.

Temporary submersion of your custom fly fishing net will not harm it at all. Simply allow it to air dry when finished, and avoid long periods(days) of exposure to moisture which could lead to damage.  We also recommend that float tubers store the net on their tube above the water line when not in use.  Store your Sierra Nets custom fly fishing net in a cool dry place in between fishing trips, preferably in a Sierra Nets custom bison leather or duck cloth net case.  These simple suggestions will go a long way in keeping your Sierra Nets custom fly fishing net in tip-top shape.

With age and use, you may want to freshen up the finish on your custom fly fishing net a bit. It will be normal for the wood to lose some of its initial shine.  A good buff will help restore it.   If the wood looks "thirsty", you may wipe on a light coat of  oil in any of these varieties: tung, orange, lemon, danish, or teak (available at your local hardware store).  Important:  Wipe off all of the excess oil after a few minutes. (Otherwise, it will only semi-dry to a gummy film that won't look or feel very good.)  Buff it to a shine with a clean dry cloth after it has dried for at least 24 hours. This can be repeated as often as you'd like, but a good rule of thumb is to do this twice a year.
As an alternative, you can simply wipe on a furniture wax such as BriWax or even bees wax and then buff off when dry.

Replacement rubber bags are available, along with a "sewing" kit and installation instructions to install it with, if the need ever arises.  Just contact us if you need one or have any questions.  I've made a video on my YouTube channel if you'd like to repair your torn rubber bag.

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