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We just received a fantastic load of figured woods.   Most of it is Claro walnut with many types of figure, and fantastic grain coloration!  Other boards are Pacific Coast Big Leaf Figured Maple that is either quilted, curly, spalted, blistered, or bird's eye.  These woods are instrument grade and unbelievable.   Get your Sierra Net made out of your choice of woods before someone else takes yours!

Sierra Nets uses only the finest hardwoods available on the market today to build their custom fly fishing nets. Almost any combination of
woods can be matched to design a custom Sierra Nets net. Our, your, imagination is the limit! 

The hoop: Hardwoods that are selected to be bent and laminated into the hoop are chosen for their straight clean grain. We typically like to use quartersawn hardwoods as it bends the best. We do not use steam to bend our hardwoods.  Too much steam can break down the cellulose in the wood which is the woods natural structure. The typical 6-7 layers we use to make the hoop makes for a much stronger heirloom style hoop. 

The wood strips are cut to approximately .070" thick using a special tool set up to ensure accurate and clean cuts. This is optimal for bending around the hoop forms, and ensures 5 or 7 plies for an extremely strong frame.  Some of our accent strips are as thing as .011" thick!

The handle: We carefully choose the handle wood for its outstanding visual characteristics. Highly figured wood such as Curly Maple, Bird's Eye Maple, and Ribbon Mahogany make stunning handles, and this, makes the net.  If the handle isn't stunning, why bother building it?

Sierra Net's philosophy: Build the finest nets available anywhere in the world!

Some of the Hardwoods we regularly use are: Genuine Mahogany, Maple, Claro Walnut, black walnut Wenge, Bird's Eye Maple, Curly Maple, Spanish Cedar, Cherry, and White Oak.  Sierra Nets also carries: Padauk, Canary Wood, Purpleheart, Douglas Fir, Ebony, Teak, Red Oak, Carob, Cocobolo, curly ash, olive, and Black Acacia.



All Sierra Nets are PROUDLY made in the USA!

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